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Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Golden Compass frightens someone

I just thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful, imaginative tale with excellent, complex allusions and riveting plot with more symbolism than anyone will catch at first glance. The tale is written by a religious skeptic with an obvious alterior motive to make the viewers think -question. I've noticed a large number of people with dreadful fear of anything that makes people question. They'd rather not know anything that doesn't fit their little world view and they certainly don't want children to start questioning. They have launched a campaign to boycott this great little piece of fiction. If we ever develop a world view that can withstand attacks from new ideas, maybe we won't react with such fear. The fear that reveals our insecurity with a world view that just won't work beyond a little false comfort.
Anyway, the movie was great. I enjoyed it with my little Nicole and was very impressed with Nicole Kidman's performance. Her character was beautiful, slightly vulnerable and extremely dangerous- alot like another Nicole I'm acquainted with. It was fun. I recommend the movie highly!
Think -It isn't illegal yet!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

The anthropic principle and a great gift for me!

I just read another physicist referring to what he probably thinks of as the anthropic principle: That the universe is fine tuned to make life possible. It is true that life as we know it is possible because the universe is the way it is. If it were different, we'd be different or non-existent. This should not suggest to anyone that it was planned that way. We are observing the universe, therefore the universe is capable of supporting observers like us. Unfortunately, we have evolved to assume a purpose for everything so we assign purposes almost automatically which, I think, blinds us to many realities. Oh well, let's get on to something more interesting!

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